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"If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound?"


The demon inside of her couldn’t come to a restless halt as the angel above her quivered in fear, his evident horror vibrating off of his form merely feeding her blood thirst. Oh how sweet it would be to bite a chunk from his neck and that convulsing vein of anger. When he finally came crashing to the earth she watched him struggle, the laughter mimicking the joy his pain gave her. Waiting for him to stand as she crept closer, her mocked her about her eating habits and the deer, her tongue darting sloppily over her blood-stained lips. She decide that eating him would be far too easy, her words tasting like the sweetest of venoms in her mouth. “I only eat what is a challenge, Angel.” She spat and then took a step back as his wrists flicked upwards. 

Her movement was too late as the chains pierced her skin, a roar of anger rippling through the air like an earthquake. She attempt to thrash from their hold and then suddenly her feet were off of the ground, blood filling the confines of her mouth. Her own blood. Gargling and spitting out the black, tar-like liquid that coated her teeth and tongue she brought her onyx hues to meet his own lighter ones with a sickening form of confidence though she was clearly weakened. As she began to spin in the air she couldn’t grasp her reality, and in her weakened state she could feel her humanity dripping back into place. 

"Please." She mumbled but not loud enough as she was sent spiraling back to Earth, her entire body feeling like it cracked identically to the concrete beneath her. She could hear the boom of two voices that had come to be one powerful voice on needed warming, but the dark soul inside her broke free, it’s lips cracking in amusement at his sudden change in pace. No longer an angel, but not quite a devil. 

"You speak such dark things for a child of light. My father fell for rivaling yours, you think you won’t follow in the same fate as he did?" He laugh was weak but none the less menacing, her head shaking. "You will corrupt yourself. I can already hear it in your voice, Angel." It was nothing more but a whisper, but she knew he could hear her, her conscious slipping for the faintest of moments. 

Her humanity plead to be free, to tell this man to run and stop. She was who the demon was trying to kill, but there was no escape, no further fate than death in Ashleigh Mozarts features. As she heard the soft landing of the angelic man beside her, her body curling away in horror, her internal war against the demon yet again failing. As the darkness resurfaced she could feel her body healing itself.

It was painful - the light he radiated. 

As he lifted her into his arms a part of her screamed and rattled at the cages to help him better understand the danger she imposed, and now he imposed on herself, but the beast wasn’t going to be let free any time. Her wounds were reattaching pigments of skin, the blood creases the only thing left on her body as an idea that something had even barely scratched her, she could feel the mans mercy in a wave, and she wanted to thank him, though she doubted she ever would. 

Her eyes blinked open like the snap of a finger, her hands winding around his throat as she dug her sharpened nails into the skin there, watching a crimson liquid drip over her fingers, but she still could not feel its warmth. 

"You show mercy to nothing but an innocent girl that deceives you, you foolish Angel!" Her voice boomed for miles, her mouth opening with crackles and snaps as her jaw dislocated itself to reveal an entire throat full of teeth, her skin around her cheeks completely detaching itself and hanging by a few strands of tendon. 

"MERCY WILL BE YOUR END." She echoed like he had before, the deeper voice atop her female one in an atrocious echo. 

As her features reattached themselves she let her innocent face of blonde and blue return for a split second, enough for it to blink and be gone. “Please… Help me.” She giggled sadistically and then grabbed his wings, knowing that the searing pain in her palms meant that the blade like feathers were doing their job, but it didn’t stop her from snapping one with a brute force, her barefoot kicking off his chest to send her in a back flip and his own body straight through a multitude of tree trunks that came crashing to the ground with thuds hard enough to be considered a small quake. 

“If an angel falls from heaven, and no one is around, does it make a sound?” She sang with a taunt.
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It’s really hurtful.
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It had been exactly three hours since Laura had disappeared from Ashleigh’s LA home, and for the right precautions. Though seconds after putting on the pendant that had her reaped soul attached she had felt better, it was quickly fading. There was an inevitable darkness looming over her head and she knew she had to leave, but she wasn’t sure where to go.

And that was when it clicked. 

She wrote Spencer a panicked message on a piece of paper as she made her way out of the door. She had told him that Laura needed her in Chicago for a little over a day, hoping he wouldn’t see the urgency in her words. Placing the eggshell colored paper beneath the coffee table she left the rest of it behind – no bags, no accessories. Only her car and herself were leaving the premise for the time being. Shifting her Audi into gear she flew down the street, a part of herself awakening that she didn’t know still bubbled beneath the surface. She had literal minutes before the darkness would entrap her in the nightmares that had become oh so realistic in the last few hours. 

“Come on.” She muttered and flew past red lights like the rest of the world was sitting still just for her. Her cabin in Forks, Washington was secluded, and it was exactly what she needed to stay away from the world for the next 37 hours. 




Laura had been specific and Ashleigh knew better than to test the limits of such an expectation. In order to distract herself she pushed her mind into another lingering remembrance of Laura’s presence. 

“Your loyalty.”

It had been the only thing Laura had muttered in return for the favor Ashleigh had been bestowed. The words sent chills down her spine and she cracked her neck to the side, narrowly avoiding a white mini-van in front of her. Ashleigh would never dream of being disloyal to her best friend, but as the words sank in she had the itching feeling that it was something further than both of their friendships reached. 

It was too long before she finally pulled up on the outside of her cabin. She hadn’t dared to touch it just twenty four hours before, but the part of her that she had locked away with this house now bored its seeping poisoned stare directly into her soul. She had to be here while the seclusion was needed, it was a feeling she couldn’t deny. Her wheels came to a screeching halt in the gravel mass that was her driveway and she stormed out of the car, leaving the keys behind and the rest of the outside world.

There was a creeping tingle down the base of her spine, as if it were a spider making its way up the cracks to touch her brain. It wanted to test her limits, and she could feel its legs climbing each inch of her darkest nightmares. Reaching blindly in the night for the handle of her cabin she slammed open the door, the inner workings of her once solitude of a home, now feeling awfully crowded. There was an echo in the distance, like the sound of a clock droning on and on and she knew it was beginning. 

Tick, tock. 


Living Room; 9:00 pm – Hour 5.

The clock was ringing louder and louder in her ears, forcing her to her knees and onto the ground. She thought her head was going to explode momentarily, but then every sound ceased to exist. It was so deafeningly silent in the home that she felt inclined to keep her hands over her ears in fear of something even louder taking its place. So as she stood, hands still muffling any noise that was to come from the distance. As she turned to her left towards the door she saw it fade, as if there was nothing but a wall in its place. It was much like the description of an addict on a trip – nothing looked real, but it felt the opposite. Reaching out cautiously to touch the frame where the door had once stood she was in disbelief. 

A soft screech erupted from behind her and sent her spiraling on her heels, looking for the person or creature it belonged to. When her blue hues met the eyes of a man’s red ones she could feel it. She could feel the cold skin washing over her, the chill of the night air even if she was enclosed in a house. It was all too familiar for her, the touch of plastic bags in her hand from the grocery store. 

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” The man’s voice was vile, and she could recognize it. Why could she recognize it? 

“What’s a pretty little thing like this doing out in the dark?” A different voice appeared behind her and she whipped around, meeting matching red hues on a similarly statured male. Her heart began to thud in her ears and she noticed that her skin was a darker tone – tanned. Her body had been easily taken care of after she had made that deal with the fae so many years ago. 

Poisoned blood. 

She knew what the men were and what they wanted before it was too late, and she tried to cried out a headed warning, but they multiplied all around her, a total of thirteen blood-sucking beasts. 

‘Your blood will have a special calling to most vampires, it will lure them to bite you and there they will die from the ash intake of a fae.’ 

Kai’s words bounced around her skull, but it made no difference to her physical well-being in that very second. 

“NO!” Her words were blocked by the instant curdle of thick crimson liquid in her throat, the multiple fangs digging into her femoral artery and her neck. She could feel them piercing her wrists, her arms, her ribs, anywhere the vampires could latch on they were, and though they all began to choke and gag on the thick venom that sat inside her veins, her own body began to convulse. Their venom was taking an effect on her – it had been too much. She attempted to gargle the pleas past the clumps of dried blood on her tongue, but couldn’t. She had no way of screaming, and even if she did no one would come to her aid. What a cruel world they lived in. 

Rolling on her stomach she clawed at the asphalt, her nails ripping to the buds of her cuticles as she merely scraped the now raw flesh on the tar of the street. All of the pain was unbearable, and as she finally reached the grass her entire body shook so violently that she could have sworn her own mind was rattling within her skull, sending her into a vision of spots and black. 

It was the beginning of her immortality. 

Kitchen; 1:00 am – Hour 9

She had no reconciliation of how she had gotten onto the linoleum floor of the kitchen, but now sitting on the chilled floor she blinked the vision back to normal, the realistic nightmare from before having ended. The memory was still fresh on her tongue from the night she had been bitten 13 times. It was eerie how accurate the dream had been – or had it been a dream at all? Rising to her feet shakily she rubbed her eyes, sighing when she finally was able to rub the after effect of the sleep away. 

“How was school, Ashleigh?” 

Was that her father? 

Scrambling to look at the table with ferocity she didn’t know she could muster she still saw empty chairs. What was she missing? There were more voices. Four more voices. Ashleigh, Dallas, Genevieve, and Mrs. Mozart. 

“It was alright.”

That was her own voice! She turned to look down the hallway only to see blackness, her head whipping back around in anger. It was then that the bodies came into view, sitting normally at each designated spot of the dinner table. Mrs. Mozart was scolding the youngest sister for eating before prayer, Ashleigh was begging her father to still let Charlotte sleep over. 

It was… Normal. 


All she could do was scream. 

“No! No! No! No! Run! Run! Get out of here!” She tried to push her father out of the way, but she fell straight through him – like a phantom. Glancing down at her palms she had a moment of unfiltered madness. 

“What was that?” Her father questioned, as he had those many, many years ago. 

Ashleigh knew what came next, she knew of the blood spill that was the Mozart murder. Like bolts of lightning the monsters were inside their home, ripping open the throats of her parents and sloppily shaking their heads like wild beasts, the thick salty substance spattering all over the girls. Ashleigh continued to scream, attempting to reach out and punish the monsters invading the home. There was nothing she could do as she watch Genevieve be violated, the man’s fangs sinking so far into her neck she was sure it would roll off her baby sister’s shoulder at any second. 

She watched her mirrored self get dragged down the hall, and watched as one of the male vampires took hold of Dallas, promising her a life of eternity and blood. The sick twisted minds of the intruders were placed above Ashleigh like a cloud of smoke she would never escape, and she felt the hatred enter her heart once more. There was a reason she had become the demonic excuse for a scientist in that basement, and she could feel the itch return to her fingers. She wanted to slice something open and watch its beating heart fade into non existence. She wanted to feel the warm blood of a taken life on her tongue, and relish in the organs spilled amongst the floor. 

She wanted to kill.


Upstairs Bedroom; 6:00 am – Hour 14

The sheets beneath her body were hugged to her form as she woke up again, dazed. She half expected to wake up in a puddle of blood, but instead she woke up a pair of soft blue lingerie linings, her blonde hair cascading down her back in utter beauty. She was fully immortal. She could remember the exact day she was standing in, the day she had attempted to end her immortal life. She had tried everything from hanging to burning and had no succession. 

Padding her way around the room she came to sit in front of the vanity, a lined rope burn making a circle around her throat that healed itself almost instantly. This memory wasn’t frightening for her, but rather painful. She couldn’t imagine having succeeded in death and never meeting the people she had over the next couple of years. She figured that this vision was one to help her realize what it was she needed to live for in the present, and she found herself to be right. 

As she slid open the drawer to the vanity table she found endless stacks of razors and matches – a set of stainless steel knives and silver chains. She had tried so hard to succeed but never did so – not once. Closing the drawer to the vanity she stood once more and looked around the room, the walls laced with written notes of the deceased in her life, and the living. Names scrawled endlessly over the wallpaper, names she would have never known in her first year of being a vampire. 

The reminder of life stung at her heart, and she remembered what Laura had said about finding a balance between light and dark – between her good and evil. 

Was this the light at the end of the hours? 


Downstairs Hallway; 4 pm – Hour 24

The hallway was dark, and she couldn’t tell if it ever ended. She didn’t wake from this memory, instead she had walked from the bedroom to the hallway, a voice in the back of her head calling her to this spot. There was nothing negative about this area of the home – just as there hadn’t been in the bedroom. As she took the first steps into the dark abyss a light flickered beside her, revealing a portrait of Charlotte Belen, her childhood friend. A twang of guilt hit her stomach and she stepped forth once more, a light to her opposite side now flickering to reveal another face:

Tanita Jayne. 

As she continued down the hallway endless faces peered back at her in smiling pictures.

Eisely, Laura, and Brielle.

Natalia Devlin.

Donovan Ender. 












So many people’s faces etched their way across the hall wall, and seemed endless, and then she came to the end of the hall, a light flickering over the door she had been trying to avoid the entire visit. A final light flickered to her left and the face she had grown most accustomed to lit up the end of the hallway. 


He was staring back at her in almost disappointment, but she couldn’t bare to turn back now. Something inside of her had been stirred, and it wasn’t going to sleep until she put the ache away for the rest of the night. She had to forget her humanity to become more human than she ever had been before. 

“I’m sorry, Spence.” She murmured softly and then reached for the door handle, her fingertips brushing the knob and one word whispering like a snake in her mind.



The basement; 7pm – Hour 27 - Final Hours. 

“You know you got yourself into this situation all on your own.” Her voice was menacing as she placed the 10-inch needle inside of the serum bottle and extracted the venom into the vile. 

There were muffled pleas for her to stop, but she couldn’t tell if they were male or female. She knew what she was doing and why she was doing it, but she couldn’t place the victim’s face into her mind. The floor was covered in freshly spilled blood from the surrounding bodies on her wall – most of them gashed open upon recognition and their vital organs removed such as their tongues and eyes. Their jaws were agape by inches from the blade she had sewn across the edges of their lips, ripping the flesh over the entire bone of their jaws. 

“I prefer to see myself as the hero in situations like this. I am ridding the entire human race of something that is endangering them, they should be bowing at my feet.” She sneered in disgust and then turned around to meet her victim face to face, though there wasn’t much left. 

The entire left half of the body had been purely skinned to reveal tender muscle tissue and tendons, her gloved finger reaching out to forcefully place itself in the ribs of her victim. As they squealed in agony she laughed, popping the finger into her mouth and absorbing the sweet taste of torture. Sliding her tongue across her lips like an animal smacking their chops she brought the needle over the length of the victim’s limbs, toying with the fear it withheld. 

“This is going to eat your from the inside out. It will devour every vein, every organ, every tissue until there is nothing left but some stubborn bone marrow.” She whispered seductively in the person’s direction, her eyes still yet to meet the unnamed creature. 

She could have sworn that she heard the being plead, begging her not to, but she chose to ignore it. The struggled clinking of chains on the victims arms and legs sent chills down Ashleigh’s spine, a form of pleasure making her final victory bitter sweet since she wouldn’t be able to have a victory such as this again in a lifetime. 

Jamming the needle into the temple of the victim, she watched their eyes roll into the back of their head, the acidic venom starting by eating away at the brain, the tissue dissolving and melting. The pain was meant to be excruciating, and the unrecognizable faces that the person before her made her giggle like a child, her hands clapping together in glee as she ripped the needle brutally from her victim’s skull, brain matter sticking to its end like a taunting memory of where it had made a home. 

Taking a step back to admire her work, she let her blue hues zero in and blink, creating a clear image of the mangled body before her, convulsing against the pure silver chains as its insides were eaten alive. 

Strung up like an (A)nimal.

(S)lit open like a piece of meat. 

Skinned like a (H)orse. 

Killed (L)ike a prisoner. 

Sacrific(E)d for the good of humanity.

Cha(I)ned like a beast. 

(G)ouged out like a pumpkin on Halloween.

(H)ung out to dry. 


Bedroom of her LA home; 5 am – Hour 37. 

Sitting up directly in her bed Ashleigh glanced towards her bedroom window, the reflection staring back at her missing half of its skin on one side, the other perfectly put together and blonde once more. Like the victim in the basement she was torn between a light and a dark – a right and a wrong. Once again the universe delivered her a message, a message she had long since forgotten. 

She would inevitably be her own demise. 

The question was…

Would she die in the light of her humanity? 

Or in the dark recesses of her inhuman soul?
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